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Pictures are for reference only.  The pictures may not represent the actual style or color.

Please add your color selection in the color choice feild.


Sig P365 & P365XL Grip modules

Your order will include a new grip module in your choice of color selected

Solid = Whole grip one color

Two Tone = The grip areas masked off and left black and the emblem coated and detailed to match grip color

Solid Stipple = Grip area will be stippled to increase the texture and coated one solid color

Two Tone Stipple = Grip area stippled to increase texture and these areas left black and the emblem coated and detailed to match grip color.




P365 & P365XL & P365SAS Grip Modules

  • Burnt Bronze H-148

    Midnight Bronze H-294

    Copper Bronze MIX        

    Vortex Bronze H-293

    Smoked Bronze H-359

    Cobalt H-112

    Tungsten H-237

    Titanium H-170

    Stainless H-152

    Savage Stainless H-150

    Bright Nickel H-157

    Satin Aluminum H-151

    Shimmer Aluminum H-158

    Desert Sage H-247

    Flat Dark Earth H-265

    FS Brown Sand H-30372

    Magpul Flat Dark Earth H-267

    Coyote Tan H-235

    Troy Coyote Tan H-268

    Patriot Brown H-226

    Noveska Tiger Eye Brown H-187

    Barrett Brown H-269

    M17/M18 Slide Match (Close) MIX

    Tan Polymer Grip Match (Close) MIX

    Combat Grey H-130

    Sniper Grey H-234

    Sig Dark Grey H-210

    Battleship Grey H-213

    Gun Metal Grey H-219

    Multicam Dark Grey H-345

    Tactical Grey H-227

    Platinum Grey H-337

    Armor Black H-190

    Charcoal Black MIX

    Graphite Black H-146

    Blue Titanium H-185

    Keltec Navy Blue H-127

    NRA Blue H-171

    Robin’s Egg Blue H-175

    Patriot Blue H-362

    Aztec Teal H-349

    Sky Blue H-169

    Polar Blue H-326

    Northern Lights H-315

    Crushed Orchid H-314

    OD Green H-236

    Jesse James Eastern Front Green H-400

    Mil Spec OD Green H-240

    Sniper Green H-229

    Magpul OD Green H-232

    Charcoal Green H-338

    Highland Green H-200

    Noveska (Bazooka) Green H-189

    Hazel Green H-204

    Zombie Green H-168

    Green Mamba H-351

    Frost H-312

    Bright White H-140

    Sangria H-348

    Bright Purple H-217

    Wild Purple H-197

    Periwinkle H-357

    Purplexed H-332

    Electric Yellow H-166

    Copper H-347

    Copper Suede H-310

    Gold H-122

    Rose Gold H-327

    USMC Red H-167

    Crimson H-221

    Habanero Red H-318

    Hunter Orange H-128

    Prison Pink H-141

    Bazooka Pink H-244

    Black Cherry H-319

    Sig Pink H-224

    Rebel H-320


    Elite Series

    Concrete E-160

    FDE E-200

    FS 20150 E-190

    Fire E-310

    M17 Coyote Tan E-170

    Storm E-290

    Blackout E-100

    Midnight E-110

    Rebel E-320

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